19 Dreamy Glass Ceiling Bedrooms

Dreaming of having a glass ceiling bedroom where you can watch the stars while falling asleep, waking up to sunshine rays, or just chilling with some lo-fi tunes while rain pours over? Glass rooftops can be a challenging project to do, but if done right, you will definitely wake up in a different dimension. 

Natural sunlight is fundamental to any architectural design, and bedrooms represent the Mona Lisa of such feats.

Glass ceilings can give a room a unique, inimitable individual character that also leaves an indelible impression in the minds of those who sleep in it. Ah, poetry…

If sunlight’s benefits aren’t enough, then the notion of being inside and still feeling like you’re outside, sleeping under the stars, will definitely help you decide whether this is something you want to go for.

So let’s delve into an amazing collection of glass ceiling designs that will surely inspire you to, at least, dream of having one.

Glass Ceiling Bedrooms List

Privacy Is Overrated.

dreamy bedroom on direktorium
As seen on Dwell

Bricks All Around.

As seen on Decomg

Weekend Getaway.

As seen on Pinterest

A rooftop design bedroom mostly made from wood with a combination of glass ceilings gives the room a very natural feeling.

Small Bedroom? No Problem.

As seen on Decoist

No Walls Needed.

As seen on Boston globe

Comfortable and functional ethno style bedroom with glass ceiling made from big windows with wood frames.

Energy Efficient.

As seen on Godiygo

The Dude Lives Here.

As seen on Lushome

Original colorful glass ceiling with simple geometric shapes. This bedroom looks modern and vintage at the same.

Weird One But Still Fits The Bill.

bedroom on direktoriumAs seen on weheartit

Wow… Just Wow.

dreamy bedroom on direktorium
As seen on orchidlagoon

White Is The New Standard.

As seen on Interior Design

Simple, cute, bedroom with neutral colors and white designed glass ceiling.

Ice Ice Baby.

As seen on Homedit

Fancy, futuristic room with glass ceilings, walls, and floor. Watch your steps.

The Dome.

As seen on The Ulta Linx

Romantic, bedroom with a dome ceiling that every peeping tom dreams for. 

Urban View.

As seen on KontraBand

Big, comfy bedroom with a slanted glass ceiling.

Wood Chuck.

As seen on Nextluxury
Bright woodwork bedroom field with warm natural sunlight 

More Wood For Your Thought.

As seen on A Blog on Blogging

Big comfy bedroom with glass ceilings and hardwood frames elevates the elegance of the roof.

Straight From Finland.

As seen on Secret travel guide

Not Too Much.

As seen on Aurora travel guide

Very bright and cozy room with windows on the ceiling.


glass ceiling bedroom on direktorium
As seen on lalulalang

Just Don’t Drink Before Going To Bed.

height bedroom in direktorium
As seen on Decoholic

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the list of our most wanted and envied glass bedrooms. Whether you want to build one, live in one, or just quickly use one for your next getaway weekend, a glass ceiling bedroom definitely stays on top of anyone’s bucket list.

But, if you are fed up with just laying in bed, and want to exercise a bit, check out our list of the best home gym designs this year.


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