Misho and Mile’s Digital Nomad Guide to Thessaloniki: Exploring Greece’s Urban Gem

Authors personal intro:

Hello, dear friends and fellow digital wanderers! Today, we’re thrilled to share a slice of our journey that takes us to the vibrant heart of Greece – Thessaloniki. This city, rich in history and buzzing with contemporary energy, unexpectedly became a haven for us, two digital nomads always in search of the perfect blend of culture, comfort, and connectivity.

Our story in Thessaloniki began on a whim, a spontaneous decision led by our insatiable curiosity. We arrived with our tech gear and a desire to immerse ourselves in the local lifestyle. It was in a charming, bustling café in the historic Ladadika district where we first set up our mobile office. Surrounded by the lively Greek spirit and the aroma of strong coffee, we found ourselves effortlessly slipping into a productive groove, fueled by the city’s dynamic pulse.

But Thessaloniki offered us more than just a spot to work; it was the city’s soul that truly captivated us. Each evening, as we closed our laptops, we were drawn into the heart of Thessaloniki’s vibrant street life. We explored the waterfront promenade, savored the mouth-watering local cuisine, and engaged in heartfelt conversations with locals and travelers alike. The city’s rich history, from the ancient Roman ruins to the Byzantine walls, added layers of intrigue to our daily explorations.

This personal connection with this city is what inspired us to share our experience with you in this digital nomad guide to Thessaloniki. We want to show you how this Greek gem caters not just to tourists, but to the nomadic hearts seeking a place that offers both a window into the past and a gateway to modern-day comforts.

Join us as we take you through the streets of Thessaloniki, a city that seamlessly blends its historical roots with a lively, contemporary spirit, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads and adventurers alike. Welcome to Thessaloniki, where every corner tells a story and every moment inspires!


Misho and Mile

Why Visit Thessaloniki 

Visiting Thessaloniki is a journey into a city where history and modernity dance together in perfect harmony.

From the iconic White Tower standing tall along the waterfront to the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum, history enthusiasts will find themselves in a paradise of archaeological treasures.

For those who work remotely, Thessaloniki is a haven. It’s not just the city’s fast internet and abundance of cozy cafés that make it ideal; it’s also the affordable living costs and the warm, welcoming community.

Whether you’re coding from a beachside café or brainstorming in a historical library, the city’s mix of tranquility and urban buzz is perfect for productivity and inspiration.

Food lovers are in for a treat too, with local markets bursting with fresh Mediterranean flavors and streets lined with tavernas serving delectable Greek cuisine. Thessaloniki’s energetic nightlife, with its array of bars and clubs, promises lively evenings.

The city’s cultural scene is just as vibrant, hosting numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Its laid-back yet lively atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for travelers seeking a blend of historical exploration, culinary delights, and a pulsating cultural scene. In Thessaloniki, every visitor finds a piece of the city that resonates with their spirit.

Where Is Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki sits along the coast of the Thermaic Gulf, making it a picturesque seaside city with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Geographically, it’s strategically positioned, acting as a crossroads between the East and West, which historically has made it a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and traditions.

This location also makes it easily accessible, whether by land, sea, or air. The city is approximately 520 kilometers north of Athens, Greece’s capital, and is well-connected by a network of highways, making road trips a viable and scenic option.

The nearby Macedonia International Airport provides excellent connectivity for international travelers, ensuring Thessaloniki is never more than a flight away. This accessibility, combined with its unique geographic location, makes Thessaloniki a compelling destination for travelers from all corners of the globe.

Connectivity and Workspaces in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a haven for digital nomads and professionals on the go, thanks to its excellent connectivity and an array of workspaces catering to different needs. The city boasts high-speed internet widely available in hotels, cafes, and public spaces, ensuring that staying connected is hassle-free.

For those seeking a more formal work environment, Thessaloniki offers a variety of co-working spaces. These hubs are not just about providing a desk; they’re vibrant communities where ideas flourish and networks expand. Many of these spaces offer amenities like meeting rooms, printing facilities, and even coffee bars, combining efficiency with comfort.

Cafes throughout the city double as informal workspaces, offering a relaxed atmosphere perfect for brainstorming sessions or casual meetings. The blend of traditional charm and modern amenities in Thessaloniki creates an ideal environment for productivity, making it a top choice for anyone looking to combine work with the pleasure of exploring a culturally rich and dynamic city.

4 Coworking spaces in Thessaloniki: Where to Work Remotely

Thessaloniki offers a diverse range of co-working spaces, each with its own unique features and amenities:

  1. OK!Thess: A prime spot for startups and ideators, offering an engaging environment for creative work​​.
  2. Coho – The Coworking Home: Known for its quiet and calm atmosphere, ideal for focused work​​.
  3. i4Gpro: A multifaceted space offering business incubation, startup consulting, and more, with a supportive team environment​​.
  4. Jetpak Alternative: Boasts a prime location and is highly recommended for its professional yet personal approach​​.

These spaces cater to a wide range of professionals, from digital nomads to startup enthusiasts, ensuring that everyone finds a spot that suits their working style in Thessaloniki.

Cafes and public spaces with WiFi access in Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki, several cafes and public spaces offer Wi-Fi access, providing comfortable and connected environments for work and relaxation. Some notable places include:

  1. De-tox Καμάρα: Located at Egnatia 123, this place offers Wi-Fi access for patrons​​.
  2. Canteen Spirit | The Study Coffeehouse: Situated at Agiou Georgiou 13, open from 10:00 to 22:00, it’s a great spot for coffee and Wi-Fi​​.
  3. Donkey Garden: Available from 09:00 to 22:00, located at Skra 3, it’s another excellent option for Wi-Fi access​​.
  4. The Caravan Cafe: Opening early, from 07:00 to 13:00, at Rempelou 1, this cafe provides a cozy spot for morning work sessions​​.
  5. ΥΔΡΟ: A longer hour option, from 09:00 to 03:00, located at Navarchou Kountouriotou 11, it’s ideal for those who work late​​.
  6. ARCADE: Another late-night venue, from 10:00 to 03:00, at Vilara 2, offering Wi-Fi for night owls​​.
  7. Κουμπί Coffee & Crafts: Perfect for a mid-day work session, open from 10:00 to 14:00, located at Peloponnisou 2​​.

These cafes provide not just Wi-Fi access but also a pleasant ambiance for both work and leisure, making them popular spots for locals and visitors in Thessaloniki.

4 Best Short-term rentals and apartments in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki offers a variety of short-term rental and apartment options for visitors:

  1. Room for rent in 3-bedroom apartment: From €190/month, providing an affordable shared living space​​.
  2. 1-bedroom apartment in Ampelokipi: Priced at €380/month, ideal for solo travelers or couples seeking more privacy​​.
  3. 2-bedroom apartment in Sykies: Available at €650/month, suitable for families or small groups​​.
  4. Studios in Thessaloniki: Multiple studios are available across the city, ranging from €300/month to €880/month, offering compact and economical living spaces for individuals​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

These options reflect the city’s diverse accommodation offerings, catering to different preferences and budgets, ensuring visitors can find a suitable place to stay during their visit to Thessaloniki.

9 Value for money Hostels and budget-friendly options in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki offers a variety of hostels and budget-friendly accommodation options, suitable for travelers looking to explore the city without breaking the bank:

  1. Zeus is Loose Hostel: Located in the city center, this hostel offers air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, a shared lounge, and a terrace. It’s close to several attractions, including the Church of Agios Dimitrios and Aristotelous Square​​.
  2. Crossroads: Situated in the Agios Pavlos Area, this hostel features a garden, sun terrace, and free WiFi. It provides easy access to the city center and offers rooms with communal bathrooms​​.
  3. Stay Hybrid Hostel: Known for its unique music references, this hostel in the city center offers air-conditioned rooms, some with en-suite bathrooms, and boasts a roof terrace with views over Thessaloniki​​.
  4. Jetpak Alternative Eco Hostel: Centrally located, this eco-friendly hostel offers free WiFi, a terrace, and is close to key attractions like the Church of Agios Dimitrios and the Arch of Galerius​​.
  5. Stay Hybrid Hostel: A popular choice among travelers, it’s appreciated for its cleanliness, modern amenities, and strategic location​​.
  6. S Hotel Thessaloniki: Offers a comfortable and budget-friendly stay, catering to guests looking for an affordable and convenient lodging option​​.
  7. Thess Hostel: Another excellent budget-friendly option, providing guests with basic amenities and a comfortable stay​​.
  8. Little Big House: Known for its welcoming atmosphere and comfortable facilities, ideal for backpackers and budget travelers​​.
  9. Center Travellers: A budget-friendly hostel that offers basic amenities and a convenient location for exploring the city​​.

These options represent a spectrum of affordable stays in Thessaloniki, catering to different preferences and ensuring a comfortable and economical visit to the city.

10 Top Hotels and luxury accommodations in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki caters to luxury travelers with a range of high-end hotels, offering exquisite amenities and prime locations:

  1. ON Residence: Situated in the heart of Thessaloniki, near Aristotelous Square, this 5-star hotel features a terrace, restaurant, bar, and free WiFi. Its rooms are allergy-free, and it’s conveniently located close to the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle​​.
  2. S Hotel Boutique Thessaloniki: Located within easy reach of Aristotelous Square, this 5-star hotel provides concierge services, allergy-free rooms, a restaurant, bar, and free WiFi. It also offers room service and a 24-hour front desk​​.
  3. No 15 Ermou Hotel: This 5-star hotel boasts a fitness center, shared lounge, restaurant, bar, and a spa experience including a sauna and hammam. It provides a 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, and free WiFi​​.
  4. Vanoro Hotel: In the heart of Thessaloniki, close to Aristotelous Square and Ladadika area, Vanoro Hotel features a restaurant, Anza Kitchen & Bar, and is near key attractions like the Church of Agios Dimitrios and the White Tower​​.
  5. Teight Hotel: Located near the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, this 4-star hotel offers a business center, concierge service, a 24-hour front desk, and airport transfers, along with free WiFi throughout the property​​.
  6. ONOMA Hotel: This 5-star hotel in downtown Thessaloniki includes an outdoor pool, restaurant, kids’ play area, meeting rooms, gym, sports court, and a bar and restaurant on its open-air roof terrace. It emphasizes personalized guest experiences with smart technology and custom-made experiences​​​​.
  7. Noa Hotel Ladadika: Situated in the center of Thessaloniki near Aristotelous Square, this 4-star hotel offers a bar, 24-hour front desk, airport transfers, room service, and free WiFi throughout the property​​.
  8. Imperial Plus Urban Smart Hotel Thessaloniki: Located near Aristotelous Square, this 4-star hotel provides concierge services, allergy-free rooms, a shared lounge, bar, room service, and a 24-hour front desk​​.
  9. No21 Luxury Suites: Within walking distance to the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle and White Tower, these suites feature kitchenettes and private entrances, offering a mix of luxury and convenience​​.
  10. The Modernist Thessaloniki: An uber-cool hotel accentuating 1920’s heritage with art deco, mid-century, and contemporary Danish decor. It offers a range of room sizes, some with private balconies, and amenities like Marshall speakers and Physis Laboratory toiletries​​​​.

These hotels provide luxury accommodations that blend historical charm with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and stylish stay in Thessaloniki.

Average costs for food, transportation, and leisure activities

In Thessaloniki, the average costs for food, transportation, and leisure activities are as follows:

  1. Food: A basic lunchtime menu in the business district costs around €16, while a combo meal in a fast food restaurant is about €7. Grocery items like 500 gr of boneless chicken breast cost €5.08, a liter of milk is €1.33, and 12 large eggs are €4.26. For beverages, a 0.5 l domestic beer in a supermarket is approximately €1.31, and a good quality bottle of red table wine is around €13​​.
  2. Transportation: The cost for a monthly public transport ticket is €29. For those using a taxi, a typical 8 km (5 miles) trip on a business day has a basic tariff of about €21​​.
  3. Leisure Activities: A basic dinner for two in a neighborhood pub costs around €31. Moviegoers can expect to pay €17 for two tickets. For a more upscale dining experience, such as dinner for two at an Italian restaurant in the expat area, including appetizers, main course, wine, and dessert, the cost is approximately €46​​.

These prices indicate that Thessaloniki offers a relatively affordable lifestyle, with reasonable costs for essential and leisure activities, making it an attractive city for both residents and visitors.

The 10 best things to do in Thessaloniki 

The best things to do in Thessaloniki include:

  1. Exploring the Waterfront: Enjoy a leisurely walk along the picturesque waterfront, taking in the views of the Thermaic Gulf.
  2. Visiting the White Tower: Thessaloniki’s most famous landmark, offering panoramic views of the city.
  3. Exploring the Rotunda and the Arch of Galerius: Significant historical sites with rich architectural details.
  4. Wandering in Ano Poli (Upper Town): A charming area with traditional houses, narrow streets, and stunning city views.
  5. Visiting the Archaeological Museum: Home to a vast collection of artifacts from Macedonia.
  6. Exploring the Byzantine Walls: Offering a glimpse into the city’s past and great views.
  7. Enjoying the Local Cuisine: Sample local delicacies like Bougatsa and Greek coffee in the city’s numerous cafés and tavernas.
  8. Attending Festivals and Cultural Events: Thessaloniki hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year.
  9. Visiting the Church of Agios Dimitrios: A beautiful example of Byzantine architecture.
  10. Shopping at Modiano Market: A bustling market where you can find a variety of local products.

If you’re in the mood and wanting to go around Thessaloniki, exploring the birth place of Alexander the Great, Meteora and more, check out some of these expert guided tours:


These activities highlight Thessaloniki’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant street life, and culinary delights.

Food and Culinary Scene in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki cuisine embodies the rich flavors and culinary traditions of Northern Greece, infused with Mediterranean and Balkan influences. Renowned for its diverse range of dishes, the city’s food scene is marked by the use of fresh, local ingredients such as seafood from the Thermaic Gulf, meats, and a variety of cheeses.

Thessaloniki is particularly famous for its street food, including Bougatsa, a cream or cheese-filled pastry, and Gyros, a delicious fast food staple. Seafood is also a major component, reflecting the city’s coastal location. Thessaloniki’s cuisine is a testament to its historical melting pot of cultures, offering a unique and flavorful dining experience.

5 best restaurants in Thessaloniki

The best restaurants in Thessaloniki as of 2023 include:

  1. Clochard: Known for its Mediterranean, Greek, and contemporary cuisine, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The restaurant offers a high-end dining experience with quality food, service, and atmosphere​​.
  2. Navarino Creperie: Located in central Thessaloniki, offering a variety of crepes, sandwiches, and other fast food options, with vegetarian and vegan choices available. The prices are reasonable​​.
  3. Kanoula: Specializing in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, Kanoula offers a friendly and warm atmosphere with artistic décor. The restaurant is known for its use of high-quality ingredients and offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options​​.
  4. Menu me…nou: This cozy and stylish restaurant offers a variety of seafood and meats, considered to be a mid-priced dining option​​.
  5. Argofageio: Serving Mediterranean, European, and Greek dishes, Argofageio is noted for its friendly service, reasonable prices, and tasty food​​.

5 Vegetarian and vegan-friendly options in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki caters well to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles with a variety of dining options:

  1. Navarino Creperie: Offers a selection of tasty crepes, both sweet and salty, along with sandwiches and other fast food options, accommodating vegetarian and vegan preferences​​.
  2. Menu me…nou: This restaurant provides a variety of dishes, including options suitable for vegetarians and vegans​​.
  3. Kanoula: Known for its Mediterranean flavors, Kanoula emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients, offering vegetarian-friendly and vegan options as well​​.
  4. Sourtoukw Thessaloniki: A popular choice among locals and visitors alike, this restaurant caters to both vegetarian and vegan diets​​.
  5. Argofageio: Offers Mediterranean, European, and Greek cuisine with vegetarian and vegan options available, making it a versatile choice for diverse dietary preferences​​.

These restaurants not only cater to specific dietary needs but also offer a chance to experience the rich culinary diversity of Thessaloniki.

Drinking Water in Thessaloniki

It’s not safe to drink or at least our hosts told us not to. Generally wherever we go in Greece, we prefer bottled water

8 tips for nomads when visiting Thessaloniki

  1. Explore the Waterfront: Don’t miss the beautiful seaside promenade.
  2. Visit Historical Sites: Explore landmarks like the White Tower and Rotunda.
  3. Enjoy Local Cuisine: Try local specialties like Bougatsa and Gyros.
  4. Walk in Ano Poli: Experience the charm of the old town.
  5. Use Public Transport: It’s affordable and efficient for city travel.
  6. Respect Local Customs: Be mindful of cultural norms, especially in religious sites.
  7. Stay Hydrated: Tap water is safe, but bottled water is also available.
  8. Be Weather Prepared: Summers are hot; winters can be chilly.
  9. Shop at Local Markets: Visit markets like Modiano for local goods.
  10. Learn Basic Greek Phrases: Knowing a few words can enhance interactions with locals.
  11. Affordable Accommodation: Opt for hostels, budget hotels, or short-term rental apartments. Using platforms like Airbnb can also offer good deals.
  12. Eat Like a Local: Enjoy local eateries and street food instead of dining in tourist-centric restaurants. Thessaloniki is known for its delicious and inexpensive street food.
  13. Use Public Transport: The city’s public transport system is efficient and cost-effective. Consider buying a monthly pass if staying longer.
  14. Free Attractions: Explore free or low-cost attractions such as historical sites, public parks, and local markets.
  15. Walk or Bike: Thessaloniki is walkable, and cycling is another great way to explore the city on a budget.
  16. Discounts and Deals: Look for discounts on activities and attractions, especially during off-peak seasons.
  17. Limit Drinking Out: Alcohol can be expensive in bars and restaurants. Instead, buy from local supermarkets and enjoy drinks in a public space or at your accommodation.

By following these tips, nomads can enjoy the rich experiences Thessaloniki offers without overspending.

Meetup groups and expat communities in Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki, expats and visitors can connect through various groups and communities:

  1. InterNations Thessaloniki: This platform offers a great way for expats to connect, join events, and exchange tips about living in Thessaloniki. They organize regular events for the community, where expats can meet, network, and socialize​​​​​​​​.
  2. Meetup Groups: There are likely Meetup groups in Thessaloniki catering to various interests, including expat meetups. These groups can be a great way to meet people with similar interests or experiences.

These communities provide valuable opportunities for networking, making friends, and getting acquainted with the local culture and lifestyle in Thessaloniki.

Cultural events and festivals in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, known for its rich cultural heritage, hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year:

  1. Thessaloniki International Film Festival: A major event showcasing international and independent films.
  2. Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: Focuses on documentary films, attracting filmmakers from around the world.
  3. Dimitria Festival: A celebration of arts and culture, featuring music, dance, theater, and visual arts.
  4. Thessaloniki Book Fair: A significant event for book lovers, with exhibitions and literary discussions.
  5. Thessaloniki Food Festival: Highlights local and international cuisine, with tastings, workshops, and cooking demonstrations.
  6. International Trade Fair: An annual commercial event that includes cultural programs and concerts.
  7. Navarino Challenge: A sports event promoting healthy living and sportsmanship.
  8. Thessaloniki Pride: Celebrating diversity and LGBTQ+ rights, with parades and cultural activities.

These events reflect the city’s vibrant cultural scene, offering visitors diverse experiences throughout the year.

Nightlife and entertainment options in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki’s nightlife and entertainment scene is vibrant and diverse, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences:

  1. Bars and Clubs: The city is known for its lively bar and club scene, especially in areas like Ladadika and Valaoritou, offering everything from laid-back bars to high-energy nightclubs.
  2. Live Music Venues: There are numerous venues hosting live music, ranging from traditional Greek music to contemporary bands and DJs.
  3. Cultural Performances: The city’s theaters and cultural centers regularly host plays, concerts, and dance performances.
  4. Cafes and Restaurants: Many cafes and restaurants stay open late, providing a more relaxed atmosphere for those who prefer conversations over drinks and meals.
  5. Rooftop Bars: Offering stunning views of the city and Thermaic Gulf, rooftop bars are popular for enjoying a drink in a sophisticated setting.
  6. Cinema and Film Screenings: Apart from mainstream cinemas, there are also open-air screenings, particularly during the summer months.
  7. Festivals and Events: Seasonal festivals and events often include evening programs, adding to the city’s nightlife options.

Thessaloniki’s mix of traditional and modern entertainment ensures that there is something for everyone when the sun goes down.

Best time to visit Thessaloniki

The best time to visit Thessaloniki is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to early November). During these periods, the weather is pleasant, with mild temperatures and less rainfall, making it ideal for exploring the city and its surroundings.

These seasons also avoid the peak summer tourist crowds and the extreme heat of July and August. Additionally, spring and autumn in Thessaloniki are filled with cultural events and festivals, offering visitors a chance to experience the city’s vibrant culture. However, if you’re interested in beach activities, the warmer summer months might be more suitable despite being busier.

How To Get To Thessaloniki

Getting to Thessaloniki is quite straightforward due to its well-connected transportation infrastructure:

  1. By Air: Thessaloniki is served by the Macedonia International Airport, which offers numerous domestic and international flights. The airport is about 15 km southeast of the city center, and there are buses and taxis available for the transfer to the city.
  2. By Train: The city is well-connected by rail, with regular services to and from Athens and other major Greek cities. The main railway station in Thessaloniki also offers international connections.
  3. By Bus: There is an extensive network of long-distance buses (KTEL) that connect Thessaloniki to other parts of Greece and neighboring countries. The main bus terminal in Thessaloniki is well-equipped and centrally located.
  4. By Car: If you’re driving, Thessaloniki is accessible via the national highways E75 and E90. The city is approximately a 5-hour drive from Athens.
  5. By Boat: Thessaloniki’s port occasionally serves as a destination for cruise ships and ferries from Aegean islands, though it’s more commonly used for commercial purposes.

How to get around Thessaloniki

Getting around Thessaloniki can be done efficiently through a variety of transportation options:

  1. Buses: Operated by the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH), buses are the primary public transport method. They cover the city and its suburbs extensively, including routes to popular areas and the airport.
  2. Taxis: Taxis are readily available throughout Thessaloniki. They can be hailed on the street, found at taxi stands, or booked via phone or ride-hailing apps. Taxis are metered and offer a convenient way to travel, especially for shorter distances or when public transport is not available.
  3. Bicycles: For those who enjoy cycling, Thessaloniki has been improving its infrastructure for cyclists. There are bike lanes in certain parts of the city, and it can be a pleasant way to explore, especially along the waterfront.
  4. Walking: The city center of Thessaloniki is quite walkable. Many of the main attractions, shopping areas, and dining spots are within walking distance of each other.
  5. Car Rentals: For exploring outside the city or for more flexibility, car rental options are available. However, keep in mind that parking in the city center can be challenging.
  6. Future Metro: Thessaloniki is in the process of constructing a metro system, which will enhance the public transport options once completed.

Overall, Thessaloniki’s size and the availability of various modes of transportation make it a relatively easy city to navigate.

Public Transport in Thessaloniki

Public transport in Thessaloniki is efficient and provides a convenient way to get around the city:

  1. Buses: The primary mode of public transport in Thessaloniki is an extensive network of buses operated by the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH). Buses cover the city and its suburbs, including routes to the airport and popular tourist destinations.
  2. Taxi: Taxis are widely available and relatively affordable. They can be hailed on the street or booked via phone or taxi-hailing apps.
  3. Bicycle: For shorter distances, cycling is a viable option. The city has been working on improving bike lanes and routes.
  4. Car Rentals: For those who prefer driving, car rental services are available, particularly useful for exploring outside the city.

Tickets for buses can be purchased at kiosks and machines at various points throughout the city. It’s advisable to check the latest information on routes, schedules, and fares from official sources or local information centers upon arrival in Thessaloniki.

1,2,3 Day Itineraries For Thessaloniki

Planning an itinerary in Thessaloniki depends on the duration of your stay. Here are suggestions for one, two, and three-day itineraries:

1-Day Itinerary:

  • Morning: Start with a visit to the iconic White Tower, then stroll along the picturesque waterfront.
  • Midday: Explore Aristotelous Square and have lunch at a nearby taverna, trying local dishes.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Rotunda and the nearby Arch of Galerius. Then, head to Ano Poli (Upper Town) for a walk through its charming streets and enjoy panoramic views of the city.
  • Evening: Dine in Ladadika, the historic and vibrant district known for its excellent restaurants and nightlife.

2-Day Itinerary:

  • Follow the 1-day itinerary for your first day.
  • Second Day Morning: Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki to discover the area’s rich history.
  • Midday: Have lunch in one of the city’s traditional markets like Modiano or Kapani.
  • Afternoon: Spend some time in the Museum of Byzantine Culture or the Atatürk Museum.
  • Evening: Enjoy the city’s nightlife, perhaps attending a performance at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall or a local bar with live music.

3-Day Itinerary:

  • Follow the 2-day itinerary for the first two days.
  • Third Day Morning: Take a day trip to nearby attractions like the beaches of Chalkidiki or the historical town of Vergina.
  • Midday: Enjoy a leisurely lunch in the destination you choose to visit.
  • Afternoon: Continue exploring the area’s attractions.
  • Evening: Return to Thessaloniki and enjoy a relaxed evening at a seafront café.

Remember to adjust the itinerary based on your interests, such as more time in museums, historical sites, or simply relaxing in the city’s numerous cafes and parks.

That’s more or less a wrap. But, as always we’re sharing some questions that other nomads wanting to visit this city, asked us:

Are there any day tours in Thessaloniki?

Check these out:

Can I live as a digital nomad in Thessaloniki?

Yes, Thessaloniki is a great city in Greece for digital nomads. It offers a unique blend of modern amenities and rich cultural experiences.

What should I know about the digital nomad visa in Greece in 2023?

As of 2021, Greece offers a digital nomad visa, allowing remote workers to live and work in the country for an extended period. It’s a great option for those looking to immerse themselves in the Greek lifestyle while working remotely.

How can I travel around Greece as a digital nomad based in Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is a great starting point for exploring Greece. From Thessaloniki, you can easily travel to other cities, islands like Crete and Santorini, and even neighboring countries.

What are some popular destinations for digital nomads in Greece?

Apart from Thessaloniki, popular destinations for digital nomads in Greece include Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Chania, and Corfu. Each destination offers its own unique experiences and opportunities for remote work.

Can I find co-living spaces in Thessaloniki?

Yes, Thessaloniki offers a variety of co-living spaces tailored to the needs of digital nomads. These spaces provide a great way to connect with like-minded individuals while enjoying the city’s offerings. Check the accommodation section of this guide.

Is it easy to get to Thessaloniki from other parts of Greece?

Yes, Thessaloniki is well-connected to other parts of Greece, making it easy for digital nomads to explore the rest of the country. The city serves as a convenient hub for travel within Greece and beyond.

Digital Nomad Guide To Thessaloniki: Recap

Thessaloniki, with its fusion of rich history and modern amenities, presents a compelling destination for digital nomads and travelers. The city offers affordable living without skimping on cultural experiences, from Byzantine monuments to lively markets.

Its burgeoning café culture and plentiful co-working spaces provide ample opportunities for remote work in stimulating environments. The city’s culinary scene, famous for both street food and fine dining, caters to a diverse palate, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Additionally, Thessaloniki’s vibrant nightlife and year-round festivals add to its appeal as a dynamic urban center. The ease of public transport and the walkability of the city center make exploration a breeze. For digital nomads, the blend of reliable internet, work-friendly spaces, and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle makes Thessaloniki an ideal location to balance work and leisure, offering a unique experience in one of Greece’s most historic and culturally rich cities.

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