29 Beautiful Mountain Huts To Visit In The Balkans

Understanding the world and understanding one’s self comes through many different levels.

And one of the best possible ways to find out more is probably through the power of travel. 

Lighthearted, careless, eager to explore, you will feel so much of these all while creating memorable stories for your diary and your soul.

Imagine being anonymous in a city you’ve never stepped before, or camping underneath the Milky Way 2000 meter above sea level, or sipping on warm peppermint tea, what a way to live and what a time to be alive!

Traveling is one of the best forms of keeping your mental health strong and in shape. 

Meeting new cultures and traditions, nature’s wonders, landscapes, and ways of preparing a simple chicken soup are only a few of the things that will boost your mood instantly.

Finding and keeping the inner balance is achieved through traveling, it is merely a superior feeling that will give you a new perspective and fill you up with inspiration. 

We’re deeply in love with the mountains and nature. That’s why we feel like we’re on a pilgrimage every time we go somewhere. 

A piece of us stays in the mountains every time we hike. It’s the place where we try to recover our souls and become better, more well-rounded people. 

In this personal Mountain Huts Bible, we’ll take you on a tour of the places that you should definitely add to your bucket list while hiking in the Balkans. 

Although we got carried away in the intro, we promise it’s worth sticking around and reading through our guide. Aide.

The Balkan Peninsula

balkan peninsula
The Symbol Of Peace

The Balkan Peninsula which is found in Southeast Europe is surrounded by six seas – the Adriatic Sea in the northwest, the Ionian Sea in the southwest, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. The list goes on with the Sea of Marmara in the east, and the Black Sea in the northwest. 

The highest peak on the peninsula is Mount Musala (2,925 masl) in the Rila mountain range in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, Turkey, and Romania are in the east. Greece, North Macedonia, and Albania are in the south, while Kosovo and Serbia are in the center. 

On the west are Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia.

All the mountain massifs stretch from the northwest to the southeast. This makes the region ideal for hiking, camping, and many more outdoor activities. 

Right in the heart of its astonishing nature, many huts welcome hikers who want to spend the night there or just chill during the day.

Put on your hiker’s shoes and find more about them in our guide below. What you’ll find is the most famous and most active mountain huts in the region. Let’s dig in!

4 Beautiful Mountain Huts In Bulgaria

malyovitsa on direktorium

The highest peak in the Balkans, Musala (meaning ‘’the mountain of Allah’’, 2,925 meters) is in Bulgaria, so we begin with the Bulgarian huts. 

Musala Hut

musala hut on direktorium

The road to Musala is exceptional in many ways, giving an opportunity for a unique experience. 

The Musala mountain lodge is at the foot of the peak. You can stay there overnight as this place offers everything a decent hotel can. 

It has nice local food, tidy rooms, bathrooms with showers, a restaurant, and so on.

There is a breathtaking panoramic view of the place. 

Also, on your way to the hut, you can buy many natural products. 

These are wild honey, lutenitsa (a local specialty made of roasted vegetables), and many types of natural jams.

The hut stands at the shore of an ice lake Musalenko Lake. 

This new place is one of the biggest mountain lodges in Bulgaria. There is an old wooden one next to it and it accommodates 45 people. 

What’s not pleasing to hear is that the toilets are outdoors (going for a 3 am pee pee has a different meaning here). Although the hut has electricity, there is no running water.

There is also a canteen where you can find food and soft drinks. 

Besides Musala, you can also hike to Paletsa (2603 m), Studeni vrah (2784 m), Deno (2790 m), Groba (2532 m), Shater (2495 m), Aleko (2713 m).

Musala Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Musala Hut: 

Here’s how. 

Rila Lakes Lodge

rila lakes lodge on direktorium

To reach this lodge you’ll need to set off from Sapareva Banya which is a small town near Dupnitsa, at the north side of Rila mountain in southwestern Bulgaria. 

The place stands at 2135 meters above sea level, under the 7 Rila Lakes Cirque. 

From this point, you can hike to the lakes and enjoy nature with low bushes and a lot of open space. 

The hut has dormitories with double and triple rooms featuring or not featuring separate bathrooms. The accommodation is hotel-like with a variety of food in the restaurant.

You can reach the hut by an asphalt road from Sapareva Banya to Pionerska Hut and then a two hours hike or a chairlift.

Rila Lakes Lodge Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Rila Lakes Lodge: 

Here’s how. 

Bezbog Hut

bezbog hut on direktorium

This one lies on the slopes of the Pirin mountain near the Dobrinishte ski and spa resort. 

It’s one of the newest and most modern huts in the Bulgarian mountains. It was rebuilt after its destruction in an avalanche in 1971.

Bezbog hut is also a starting point for Popovo lake hike – the biggest lake in the Pirin mountain.

It has a capacity of 146 beds on 5 floors. 

Toilets are common on every floor. It has a coffee shop, small goods shop with a study-hall, a hi-tech room, and a ski wardrobe. 

The place is kid-friendly with a playground in its yard which makes it an excellent destination for families.

Bezbog Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Bezbog Hut: 

Here’s how. 

Demyanitsa Hut

demianica hut on direktorium

This hut stands on the slopes of the Pirin mountain, 1895 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Vasilashka, Strazhishka, and Valyavishka rivers. 

The hut has two floors with a capacity of 217 beds, with shared rooms and toilets that are outside (yeah). 

A building in its vicinity has a kitchen, a canteen, and a small store. 

If you are looking for more privacy, you can rent a private bungalow. That’s a perfect place for spending a couple of days and completely recharging your being. 

If you are looking for an easy hike, you can go to the Bezbog hut or to Kamenitsa. 

You can also try the peaks of Vihren, Polezhan, Valyavishki, or Todorini Ochi if you’re looking to add  challenge to your hiking.

Demyanitsa Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Demyanitsa Hut: 

Here’s how. 

6 Beautiful Mountain Huts In North Macedonia

macedonian huts

North Macedonia has its own Central Massif, which is the mountain range of Jakupitsa. 

The massif extends through several mountains: Jakupica-Mundzitsa, Goleshnitsa, Dautitsa, Karadzitsa, and Osojand.

Hikers will get an unforgettable experience in exploring the endless natural beauty of this country. 

Karadzica Mountain Hut

karadzica hut on direktorium

Karadzica Hut is one of the most beautiful in this country. 

Located near Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, on the slopes of Mountain Jakupica (1455 masl), it remains open during the whole year. 

It stands on a natural terrace with an amazing view on the western side of the massif. 

You can see the Solunska Glava (2540 m) peak from there, which just adds up to the beautiful nature surrounding the hut. 

You can plan all your hikes around while enjoying the sunny terrace of the hut. 

It is an intersection point of many trails leading to Begovo Pole, the Lisec Peak, the Salakov Lakes, the Solunska Glava Peak, and many more.

You can reach the hut either from the city of Skopje or Veles, with jeep-roads and hiking trails that have a lot of water springs to refresh along the way. 

Peak strawberries, blackberries, mushrooms, and tea herbs on your way there. As soon as you arrive, the people in charge of the hut will welcome and assist you with anything you need.

Karadzica Mountain Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Karadzica Mountain Hut From Skopje: 

Here’s how. 

Cheples Mountain Hut

cheples hut on direktorium

The Cheples mountain hut dates from 1952 when it was founded as a hunter’s lodge. 

In 1955 it transformed into a mountain hut and became a destination for many hikers and nature lovers. It was recently renovated with a flush toilet and a bathroom. 

It has an open kitchen where you can prepare your meals by yourself since there is no food or drinks for sale. 

The management has quite amazing ideas to expand and modernize the place in the future and we cannot wait to see them into realization.

The hut has wooden benches in its wide-open yard. 

You can enjoy the sun all day long due to its position on the sunny side of the mountain. There are 56 beds in 5 rooms hosting hikers and tourists. 

Although in the middle of fern and tall trees, the hut gives an astonishing view of the Jakupica and Plavnik mountains. 

From here, you can venture upon many hiking trails. Some of them are Dolna and Gorna Babina Dupka, the Nezilovo Rocks, Solunska Glava or Selakovo Lakes.

You can also visit the Big/Small Dautitsa Peaks, Ubava mountain, and the waterfalls on the Babuna river.

Cheples Mountain Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Cheples Mountain Hut From Skopje: 

Here’s how. 

Ljuboten Mountain Hut – Ljuboten

ljuboten hut on direktorium

Built-in 1931and situated at an altitude of 1630 m.a.s.l, Ljuboten Mountain Hut is the first and oldest one of its kind in North Macedonia. 

It has the capacity to accommodate 35 people, has a common kitchen and a dining area. 

It’s also supplied with food and drinks and the possibility to order traditional meals.

The beech-wood and its location will give you the privilege to enjoy the views of the beautiful Polog Valley and the many peaks surrounding the hut-like Ljuboten, Kozja Stena, Livadica and Piribeg. 

Book your stay for a few days and hike these amazing peaks – the nature is astonishing and the air fresh and clean like no other place. 

Above the hut, is the grand Ljuboten peak (2499m asl). 

Seen from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, the peak seems like the highest peak in the mountain range since it’s isolated and pyramid-shaped.

The best time frame for visiting Ljuboten is between the month of May and November. 

For more information reach out to the custodian of the hut – Dimoski Mitko on 070/515-480, or directly in the MC “Ljuboten”, Tetovo.

Ljuboten Mountain Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Ljuboten Mountain Hut From Skopje: 

Here’s how. 

Gorica Ski Mountain Hut

Gorica Ski hut on direktorium

A truly extraordinary place, located in the heart of Mavrovo National Park (1300 m) near the village of Mavrovi Anovi. 

Built by nature lovers in 2015, this is probably the newest mountain hut in the country. 

The hut has a lounge area, staff kitchen, guest kitchen, and a backyard terrace. It also has baths and toilets, a slackline park, and a yoga platform.

Choose between hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, ski touring, and so on. The owners offer guests their expertise and equipment for hiking, skiing, climbing, water sports, etc.

The hut organizes hikes to Golem Korab (2.764 masl), the Korab Waterfalls, the Velivar Peak, Golem Krcin, Galichnik Village, and the Medenica Peak. You may also go hiking to the Sandaktash Peak, Kjurkovo Dol, and the Koza Trail.

There are other organized tours to the Great Mavrovo Cave and Ribnicka Plaza (Beach). 

The owners offer training for beginners as well.

Gorica Ski Hut Location: 

Here it is.

How To Get To Gorica Ski Hut From Skopje: 

Here’s how. 

Bogovinje Mountain Hut

bogovinje hut on direktorium

This hut is located on the Shar Mountain, between the cities of Tetovo and Gostivar.

You’ll find the lodge in the calmness of isolated nature in the mountains. It literally waits to reveal an unforgettable experience. 

The hut offers traditional cuisine with meals prepared by a professional chef. The management of the lodge consists of a kitchen chef and two licensed tourist guides. 

You can enjoy cycling and hiking through the amazing peaks, rivers, and lakes found on the Shar Mountains. 

The hut consists of 2 houses equipped with Wi-Fi, 16 beds, and a kitchen.

Enjoying the breathtaking nature wouldn’t be an experience without the hiking itself. 

The usual hiking route goes through Novo Selo, Bakardan, Titov Vrv, Mal Turchin, the Novo Selo trail, the Bogovinje Lake, and the White Lake.  

There is another one going through Brana, Bogovinje Lake, Trznica, Dzanibe, the Chelepinski Peak, Bogovinje Lake, and Novo Selo. Also, a special Lakes Tour goes through the Black Lake, White Lake, and Bogovinje Lake.

Bogovinje Hut Location:

Here it is.

How To Get To Bogovinje Hut From Skopje: 

Here’s how.

The Best Mountain Hut In Albania

Located on the coast of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, Albania is slowly but surely taking its place amongst the top hiking destinations in the world.  

Although small, like all the Balkan countries, much of its territory lies in mountains and hills. The most extensive mountain ranges are the Albanian Alps on the north and the Korab Mountain in the east. 

There’s the Pindus Mountain in the southeast, Ceraunian Mountain in the southwest, and Skanderbeg Mountain in the center.

The Albanian Alps trails go through mountain valleys, alpine meadows, and remote villages. They stand in the middle of the majestic rugged peaks of the Prokletije Mountains. 

The country has many lakes of which the Lake of Shkodër is the largest in Southern Europe.

A major challenge here is that there are many hiking routes but very few mountain huts. The people here focus on family businesses and their own guest houses or hotels where you can stay during hike tours. 

So consider renting a room privately, and you’ll be all set to explore. Camping is also an excellent substitute for a hut, plus you get to literally sleep under the stars. 

Bujtina Polia Mountain Lodge

The village of Theth, standing in the middle of the Albanian Alps, is home to many families of which the Polia family owns the lodge. 

The house has 10 bedrooms and is made of stones giving it a rustic look. 

The bottom floor has a dining room, kitchen, and terrace where you can have your meal or relax with a drink. The bedrooms are on the upper floor.

From the hut, you can hike to many interesting places like the Grunasi waterfalls, the Kulla, and the canyon. 

Bujtina Polia Hut Location:

Here it is.

How To Get To Bujtina Polia Hut From Tirana: 

Here’s how.

4 Beautiful Mountain Huts In Serbia

serbia huts

Serbia lies in the most important crossroad that connects Europe and Asia. This is a middle-forested country with plenty of mountains and rivers which make it an ideal home to many species of animals. 

The highest peak is Midzor (2169 masl) on Stara Planina (English: Old Mountain), on the border with Bulgaria.

Along with Stara Planina, the most visited mountain huts are on Zlatibor and Kopaonik. 

Although hiking is not the most popular activity in Serbia, the country has excellent ski resorts and ski trails. 

Kopaonik Mountain Hut 

kopaonik hut on direktorium

This is a marvelous hut lying on the slopes of the Kopaonik Mountain (1.720 masl), also known as “Sunny Mountain” because of its 200 sunny days per year.

Kopaonik was declared a national park in 1981. 

The national park spreads over 120 square kilometers – 12000 hectares. 

A vast and relatively flat region at an altitude of about 1,700 meters forms the basis of this national park. This central Kopaonik plateau is called Suvo Rudishte. 

To the north and northwest of this plateau stretches Banjski Kopaonik – here, the well-known Joshanichka Banja is located, with its strong springs whose waters reach the temperature of 88 degrees Celsius. 

Directly below the Suvo Rudiste plateau starts the attractive and picturesque valley of the Samokovska River, characterized by its steep run, numerous rapids, falls and gorges.

The hut has a capacity of 55 beds with toilets and bathtubs in some rooms. Electricity and heating are provided as well. 

Its kitchen can meet your needs and can rest in the common living room while enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, or local rakija (an alcoholic beverage spirit that will warm up your soul). 

From here, you can also reach the Number 8 Ski trail.

Kopaonik Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Kopaonik Mountain Hut From Belgrade: 

Here’s how.

Besna Kobila Mountain Hut 

The Hut is located near the peak of Besna Kobila (Wild Mare) and the Grot mine.  

With a capacity of 80 beds and a restaurant, it’s more than capable of hosting large groups of hikers (or people with big appetites). 

Perfect spot to munch on delicious traditional food like trljanica, samsa and propec. 

It is located on its namesake mountain Besna Kobila 40 km east of Vranje. It also has heating, electricity, and water. 

The kitchen in the restaurant offers a great menu of traditional cuisine. Its rooms have TV and Wi-Fi.

Besna Kobila is one of the highest mountains in Serbia, with its highest peak reaching an altitude of about 1.922 meters. 

It is covered with snow for 9 out of 12 months, and the peasants remember that there were times when it was snowing in mid-July. 

The best time of the year for visiting this mountain is, no doubt, the summer. 

If in the mood for a spa, visit Vranjska Banja and Kriva Feja (a nearby village). 

To reach the hut, you can take the road from Kriva Feja. 

There is also a bus coming from Vranje and Vranjske Banje. A good thing is that the hut is open during the whole year. 

Besna Kobila Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Besna Kobila Mountain Hut From Belgrade: 

Here’s how.

Crni Vrh Mountain Hut 

The hut is located On the northeast side of Crni Vrh (English: Black Peak).

The hut has a living room, kitchen, and bedrooms inside it. 

The hut also has flush toilets and electricity as well as central heating and can host around 40 people during the hiking season. 

It was built in 1952.

The building is near the Crni Vrh Ski center. If you’re up for conquering some peaks, Black Peak is the nearest one. 

The Joshanica Monastery (built in the 14th century) is within a 2,5 hours walking distance. 

All hiking trails are well marked.

Crni Vrh Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Crni Vrh Mountain Hut From Belgrade: 

Here’s how.

Cer Mountain Hut

Cer Mountain is a legendary historical area.

The Cer Mountain and the Tekeris Monument situated upon it, take a special place in the history of Serbia and the Identity of the Serbs. 

It is located in north-west Serbia, Around 100 km south-west from the capital Belgrade near Sabac. 

From the slopes of this mountain, you can dive in a beautiful panorama of the Macva Plain up to the Sava and Drina Rivers and towards the gently rolled Pocerina region.

The hut takes place on 620 masl, near a natural spring of fresh mountain water. 

It can accommodate 70 people and has a flush toilet with several showers. At your disposal is a bigger living room and a kitchen with a capacity for 50 people. 

There is also a nice yard for recreation around. 

If you want to visit some of the historic locations you may take one of the many hiking trails which are well-marked.

Cer Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Cer Mountain Hut From Belgrade: 

Here’s how.

4 Breathtaking Mountain Huts In Montenegro

We are now hiking through a very interesting country in this region because it is the rockiest country in the Peninsula. Rock and Roll baby!

Besides, it has a breathtaking riviera which is not so far away. 23 red wins!

Being the rockiest country, it has many advantages like hiking, alpinism, rock climbing and so much more! 

An interesting fact is that besides the mountain huts people love staying in small shepherd cabins called katuns. 

They are small, cozy, and give you an astonishing view of untouched nature. 

Some of them are so small, that it feels like you are sleeping in a tent. Unique and worth trying.

If you decide to visit during summer, free up a few days to enjoy the coast after your hiking tours. 

The beaches of Montenegro are rocky, but the sea is crystal clear and the water is just divine (cold af as well).  

The karst region lies at an average elevation of 1,000 masl. It rises to 2,000 masl at some points like the Orjen Mountain. 

One of the highest peaks is Bobotov Kuk (2,522 masl) in the Durmitor National Park.

Bijelo Polje Mountain Hut

bijelo polje mountain hut

Bijelo Polje Mountain Hut is found on the Bjelasica Mountain, near the largest city in the north of Montenegro at an altitude of 1760 masl. 

You can reach the hut with a jeep or by hiking from the Ravna Rijeka Village. 

The Bijelo Polje Mountain Hut has a large open floor area for eating, games, etc. The kitchen and bathrooms are on the ground floor along with a spacious wrap-around terrace.  

All rooms are on the second floor, where there are configurations with two beds (3) and the same format with a loft where 3 additional people can sleep (4). 

During the summer, farm to table national foods are available from the neighboring katun. Food is brought in from a local provider when the katun is not working.

The hut is a perfect fit for families and small groups. 

Water and electricity are in limited quantities since the electricity comes from a generator. There are two flush toilets with showers and a cooking area. 

The hut is heated by wood-burning stoves.

Adventurers can access the hut by hiking up from Ravna Rijeka Village, by MTB, or by 4×4. 

Once there, you’ll find yourself surrounded by quiet, nature’s beauty by day, and a mesmerizing star-filled planetarium at night.

From there, you can hike to the lakes of Shishko and Biogradska Gora, as well as the Crna Glava Peak.  

Bijelo Pole Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Bijelo Pole Mountain Hut From Podgorica: 

Here’s how.

Suvodo Katun

katun suvodo on direktorium

Suvodo Katun is found at the end of  Shishko Jezero road, in the Biogradska Gora National Park.

The peaks and glacial lakes provide a dramatic nature escape. Suvodo Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park offers one of the gentler katun experiences for travelers.

All of Suvodo Katun in Biogradska Gora National Park has been built by hand by the family. 

The owners offer one cabin and two bungalows with a capacity of 10 people. 

The katun has outdoor and indoor eating areas where it offers organic and traditional meals. Vegetarian meals are also available. 

There is no electricity and lighting is provided by oil lamps and candles. However, you can use fresh spring tap water. The hut has bathrooms and showers for shared use.

Suvodo Katun is accessible for most vehicles making this a great option for a family travel multi-day stay to explore the park, an ideal hut-to-hut starting point, or even a launch point for driving to other sites to experience in Northern Montenegro.

Situated on the Via Dinarica hiking route and located inside the national park, Suvodo Katun provides access to key points such as

  1. 45-minute hike to Sisko Jezero (glacial lake),
  2. 1.5-hour hike to Ursulovacko Jezero,
  3. 2-hour hike to Pesic Jezero or the Crna Glava peak. 

Suvodo Katun Hut Location:

Here it is.

Suvodo Katun Hut From Podgorica: 

Here’s how.

Rakovic Katun

katun rakovic on direktorium

This katun lies on the slopes of Biogradska Gora, beneath the peak of Crna Glava (2139 masl). 

It is in the middle of the Shishko, Ursulovachko, Pesica, and Shevarina lakes.

Rare endemic flora grows in this remote area. 

The heating comes from a wooden stove, which is also a way to warm up showering water. Its showers are outdoors while the katun uses no electricity, as it tries to stay ecological. 

Yet, you will get oil lamps and candles. The use of solar energy is becoming a practice recently. 

There is no Wi-Fi or TV but let’s be real, you won’t even feel the need to be online while staying here.

The activities you can do here between May and October are endless, you can hike, bike, ride horses, collect mushrooms and pick forest herbs. 

The katun has 5 cabins, which can accommodate 20 people, and prices range from 25 to 50 euro per night depending on your choice to stay in a bungalow or a cabin. 

Park fees of 2 euro per day also apply for parking.

Like any katun, it offers traditional meals in its indoor and outdoor dining areas. 

Rakovic Hut Location:

Here it is.

Rakovic Hut From Podgorica: 

Here’s how.

Vranjak Eco Katun

eko vranjak katun on direktorium

This is the first Ecovillage in Montenegro – The Eco Summer Pasture (Katun) “Vranjak”. It’s found on the mountain Bjelasica, next to the very border with the National Park Biogradska gora (Biograd Mountain), at an altitude of 1800 meters.

During summer, shepherds inhabit the village and its surrounding. The Katun offers organic food prepared on local farms. They prepare it by Montenegrin peasant tradition.  The katun provides 70 beds in several cabins. 

Solar energy panels provide the village with electricity. 

There are bathrooms, toilets, and outdoor and indoor dining areas. Bed and breakfast will cost you 15 euros while the full board is 35 euros per person. 

Cheese production is pretty developed here. In the summer pasture (Katun) you shall also have a chance to taste some of the forgotten national specialties. 

You can rent mountain horses and ride to the nearby peaks in the National Park, see how wool is spun in the old fashioned way, listen to the sounds of gusle (national music instrument) if you wish, or play a mountain match in indoor soccer on a plateau beneath the summer pasture. 

If you don’t know how to ride a horse, you can take lessons in the riding school – or forget about getting a horse – do mountain biking instead. 

Innumerable opportunities open up here for “endless” walks on peaks and slopes of Bjelasica and of the National Park.

Vranjak Katun Location:

Here it is.

Vranjak Katun From Podgorica: 

Here’s how.

5 Astonishing Mountain Huts In Croatia

mountain huts in croatia on direktorium

Croatia is popular around the world for its beautiful sea and amazing beaches. 

But Croatia has fascinating nature and National Parks, making this a major industry with around 19 million tourists per year.  

The highest mountains in Croatia are the Dinaric Alps. 

The possibilities are endless: hiking trails, mountain huts, biking tours, ski trails, and so much more. 

The mesmerizing nature makes it one of the best locations for your vacation. Croatia will have you fall in love with it regardless of the season you choose to visit.

Paklenica Mountain Hut 

paklenica on direktorium

The Paklenica Mountain hut stands right at the beginning of Velika Paklenica Canyon. 

You have to park 6km away from the hut and then walk about 2 hours to reach it.  

After the wild and impressive canyon, you’ll pass through gentle forested valleys where the path is properly marked.

The hut has 50 beds in shared rooms on two levels of which the ground level is for the dining room and kitchen, while the rooms are on the upper floor. If you plan to stay overnight, you’ll need to bring your sleeping equipment with you. 

The hut has electricity, running water and flush toilets.

There is a huge terrace where you can enjoy this beautiful natural wonder that is often called „One of The Last European Wilderness“ and „The center of endemism“ of this part of Europe  

The best season to visit is from April to November.

Paklenica Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Paklenica Mountain Hut From Zagreb: 

Here’s how.

The Umberto Girometta Mountain Hut 

umberto girometta hut on direktorium

The construction of the hut started in 1929 and it was officially opened in 1931. 

Hard-working mountaineers afforested its surroundings later on. 

During WW2 the hut was used as a hospital for the partisans during WWII. Then the Italian army burnt it to the ground. End of Story.

The lodge is named after the popular president of the Croatian Mountaineering Society Mosor, who made the construction of the lodge possible. 

The local authorities reconstructed it following the liberation. 

The hut has been working in full capacity since its reopening in 1951. At that time the hut got water and electricity.

The hut is made of stones and has two floors. The first has a well-equipped kitchen, a hallway, a dining room for 70 people, a toilet, and two rooms. There are 3 rooms and a toilet on the second floor.

The best way to reach the hut is by car or city bus, but you can hike through the following locations too:

  • Sitno Gornje (for 45 minutes)
  • Zarnovica and Zagradje (for 2 hours) 
  • Dubrava (for 1 hour and 20 minutes) 
  • Kuchine and Milicevich Spilja (for 3 and a half hours)
  • Vranjacha and Vickov Stup (for 5 hours)

The Umberto Girometta Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

The Umberto Girometta Mountain Hut From Zagreb: 

Here’s how.

Schlosserov Dom Mountain Hut 

schlosserov dom on direktorium

Mt. Risnjak is situated in the northern part of Croatia in Gorski kotar province. It’s also called “The great green heart of Croatia” because of its untouched nature and hundred year old mountain forests. 

Risnjak is part of the Dinaric mountain system which connects Alps and Dinarids, and its special position results in its heterological flora and fauna. 

The name of the mountain came from the Croatian term “Ris” which means lynx, a famous predator that was exterminated from that area in the 19th century.

The Schlosserov Hut is located on the Risnjak Mountain and is probably one of the most beautiful mountain huts in Croatia. 

The famous spring of the river Kupa is nearby Risnjak – an oval pond underneath vertical rocks some 50m high. The spring is composed of two vertical channels one 86m deep, and a second 57m. 

People usually climb Risnjak during the whole year, although in winter it might get tricky because of low temperature, high amounts of snow.

The hut has a kitchen with a dining area and a toilet. 

On the upper floor, there are rooms with beds, along with a dormitory in the attic. It may be temporarily closed during the winter months, so you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Schlosserov Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Schlosserov Mountain Hut From Zagreb: 

Here’s how.

Vosac Mountain Hut 

vosac mountain hut on direktorium

The Vosac Mountain Hut is one of the most beautiful panoramic points from which the islands of Brac, Hvar, and Korcula are visible.

The hut is made of stone and it served as a military base in the past. 

Nowadays, mountaineers and the speleological alpinists club of Croatia use it for their purposes. The hut offers sleepovers, relaxation, and simple restaurant services. 

You can hike to the peak from this home if you want. From the peak, you can dive into the astonishing beauty of the islands of Makarska and the Adriatic Sea. Nothing better than dipping into the cold Adriatic after a gruesomely amazing hiking trail.

Vosac Mountain Hut Location:

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Vosac Mountain Hut From Zagreb: 

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4 Beautiful Mountain Huts Bosnia & Herzegovina 

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a mountainous country situated in the central part of the Dinaric Alps. 

Its highest peak is Maglic (2,386 masl), and we have the others like Kozara, Grmec, Vlasic, Cvrsnica, Prenj, Romania, Jahorina, Bjelasnica, and Treskavica. Each mountain has it’s own hut (duh).

Mountain Hut Previja

previja mountain hut

This hut accommodates 50 people and is situated at around 765 masl on the Kozara Mountain. 

It’s in the middle of a forest with its water coming from a natural spring in its vicinity. 

It has a toilet with showers and a kitchen. The hut is ecological since it generates electricity from solar panels.

The hut also has a living room where you can relax, along with a dining room where you may eat the food you’ve prepared. 

The mountaineers created many hiking trails that vary in length from. Well-marked hiking and cycling trails are approximately 300 km long.

Previja Mountain Hut Location:

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Previja Mountain Hut From Sarajevo: 

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Rujiste Mountain Hut 

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Located at the very entrance to Prenj Mountain, the Rujiste Lodge was built in 1953 and is only 25km from Mostar.

Mountain lodge Rujište is located on a saddle between two mountains, Prenj and Velež, at 1050m altitude. 

The lodge is surrounded by dense forests, and in particular with munica, endemic pine trees, which give the highest quality oxygen in this part of Europe.

The lodge has 4 rooms (with heating) with a total capacity of 40 beds, a large equipped kitchen, a bathroom with hot water, a living room, electricity and WiFi. 

It is also possible to rent a room separately.

The kitchen offers a variety of dishes and beverages from organic farms. 

Both vegan and vegetarian meals are on the menu. 

The hut offers many hiking routes which you may visit with a professional guide. 

You can hike but there are horses for mountain riding as well, you might try that as well. Or not.

Rujiste Mountain Hut Location:

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Rujiste Mountain Hut From Sarajevo: 

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Stanari Mountain Hut 

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The Stanari mountain hut rests in the heart of Bjelašnica, above the katun of Mrtvaja (1585 masl). 

You can admire the pastures and the surrounding peaks while sitting on the bench in front of the dorm. 

It has a kitchen where you can enjoy homemade food and beverages. There are 46 beds on the upper floor, a big living room, and an indoor toilet. The hut takes its water from a spring while electricity comes from aggregates.

The hut is open every weekend (when the weather allows it), and the rest of the weekdays in agreement with the superintendent.

From the hut, you can take the hiking trails to:

  • Sitnik (45 minutes) 
  • Opservatorija (5 hours)
  • Hranisava (1,5 hours)
  • Krvavac (3 hours) 
  • Lokvanjsko Lake (1,5 hours) 
  • Javornik (2 hours)

Rujiste Mountain Hut Location:

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Rujiste Mountain Hut From Sarajevo: 

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Planinarski Kutak Mountain Hut 

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Planinarski Kutak rests in Bogodol, on the Chabulja Mountain (at 900 masl). 

It is 20km far from Mostar with which it has an asphalt road connection.

The facility has a big living room, separate kitchen, hallway, and 2 bedrooms with 16 beds. You can find a barbeque with tables and benches in the yard. 

The heating is with wood – and freshwater comes from a nearby spring. It has electricity. 

The toilet of the hut is outdoors.

Our recommendation is to take the trail to Velike Vlajine (1780 masl) – the highest peak of Chabulja, around 2 to 3 hours of hiking.

Planinarski Kutak Mountain Hut Location:

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Planinarski Kutak Mountain Hut From Sarajevo: 

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4 Mountain Huts In Slovenia That Will Leave You Speechless

aliens built this

This mountainous country is one of the richest with water in the whole of Europe. 

Over half of its territory is covered with forests, making it the third most forested country after Sweden and Finland. It has countless mountains, ski resorts and lakes. 

Out of all the beautiful national parks, Triglav National Park is the biggest. 

Enjoy the nature in Slovenia’s only, yet undeniably incredible, national park, named after Mt. Triglav, the tallest Slovenian peak (2,864 m). 

Embraced by an idyllic Alpine landscape, visit glacial valleys, inviting villages, verdant forests, Alpine flowers, and mountain pastures.

Numerous parks are home to a range of diverse plant and tree species in all seasons. 

Each park is unique due to the environment in which it is located. 

Explore them and they will reward you with their mysterious beauty.

Zasavska Koca Mountain Hut

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Zasavska Koca hut is located above the Prehodavci Pass, near the Triglav Lakes Valley. 

The view from the hut (2,071 masl) is just magnificent!

To its east, you can see the Vrsac Peak. On the right is the plateau of Hribarica with Kanjevac, Poprovec, and Vrashki. 

The south side belongs to the upper part of the Triglav Lakes Valley with Velika and Mala Zelarnica on the left and Zadnja Lopa and Malo/Veliko Spicje on the right. 

The west side covers the slopes of the Zadnja Lopa Peak.

The hut has a restaurant with 40 seats and a bar counter. It has a capacity of 39 beds in 2 rooms. 

There are also 16 shared beds in the bivouac for the winter season and they are separated. The hut also has toilets and washing rooms with cold water. 

The dining room is heated by a stove and there is electricity as well. Although the hut opens during the warmer seasons, the bivouac works during the whole year.

It was opened in 1954, on a place where ex Italian military objects once stood and was renewed in 1973. 

There are 5 peaks which you can reach from there: 

Reserve at least a week of hiking for your first Slovenian Hut visit.

Zasavska Koca Mountain Hut Location:

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Zasavska Koca Mountain Hut From Ljubljana: 

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Kamniska Mountain Hut

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The Kaminska Hut (1,864 masl) is a popular resting spot for hikers and adventurers enjoying the amazing nature in the heart of the Julian Alps, and a good place to have some unique traditional homemade food and beverages. 

There is an indoor dining room for 50 people and an outdoor dining place for 100.

There are double, triple, and quadruple rooms with separate bathrooms. The hut has an internet connection and a nice playground in its yard.

The hut is easily reachable through the beautiful spring of Kamniska Bistrica, the Kamnik Saddle, and Rokovinjske Luknje. 

The hut is a starting point for your hiking adventures to Brana and Planjava, or Ojstrica and Turska Glava. The lodge is open from June to October and on sunny weekends.

Kamniska Mountain Hut Location:

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Kamniska Mountain Hut From Ljubljana: 

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Dom Na Komni Mountain Hut 

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Dom na Komni is a mountain hut located in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. 

It lies at an altitude of 1520m above sea level and remains open throughout the year. 

The hut is positioned on the east-viewing ridge of the Komna plateau above the Bohinj Valley at Savica.

The hut provides 74 beds in private rooms and 30 beds in the dormitory. The restaurant seats 90 people in total. 

The hut has toilets (thank god!), washrooms with cold water on each level, central heating, rainwater, electricity, and access to a telephone. 

The location of Dom na Komni allows for an unobstructed view of Bohinj Lake and Rudnica to the east, the ridge of the Lower Bohinj mountains to the south, Spodnja Komna plateau to the west, and Triglav’s peaks to the north.

To reach the hut, drive 3km from Ukanc to the car park near Koča pri Savici hut. From this point the trail to Dom na Komni will take approximately 2.5 hours. 

Here are a few of the most popular hiking trails there: 

  • Bogatin (1977 m) across Vratca, 2 hours
  • Mahavšček (2008 m) across Vratca 2.5 hours
  • Mahavšček across the alpine pastures Govnjač and Vrh Škrli 2.5 hours
  • Lanževica (2003 m) 2.5 hours
  • Črno jezero (1310 m) 1.5 hours

Dom Na Komni Mountain Hut Location:

Here it is.

Dom Na Komni Mountain Hut From Ljubljana: 

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Kredarica Triglav Lodge

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The last one from the Slovenian huts is The Triglav Hut on Kredarica/Triglavski dom na Kredarici, which lies on the Kredarica plateau just east and beneath Triglav, the highest summit of Julian Alps and Slovenia.

At 2515meters/8251 feet it is the highest, largest, and arguably, the most frequented hut in Slovenia, mostly due to the fact that it is a starting point for summiting mt. Triglav over the common and the most popular route. 

It is also a back-up point for various multi day traverse routes.

High lying positions and open spaces offer extensive views that make this hut even more popular. 

You can often see people sitting on the benches in front of the hut and simply enjoying the views. 

When the weather is bad, they gather inside the hut’s five dining rooms, in the peak season some will sleep here as well. 

In the winter, the crowd is gone except for the meteorologists who try and fail at guessing the weather (the hut is a meteorological station too). Joking, they always guess right.

Recently, they got the Plasma TV as well and there is a phone.

Today’s look is from 1984. 

A chapel was erected next to the hut in 1992. 

The most common route from the Kredarica hut to the highest peak of Slovenia Triglav (2864m.a.s.l.):

  • The time required to Triglav is around 2 hours through a secured and marked path. From the hut slightly descend due south to the small pass at the foot of Mali Triglav.  From here up the steep slope till the first rocks, where the secured path (lots of iron pegs) begins, leading to the Mali Triglav (2725m). From here, the path continues along the panoramic crest – crest surface was man made flattened and widened for the safety of numerous visitors – till the foot of the main Triglav summit.

Kredarica Triglav Mountain Hut Location:

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Kredarica Triglav Mountain Hut From Ljubljana: 

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Round Up

The Balkan is an amazing place with wild enchanting nature and even more enchanting direktors. Its mountains breathe in silence and its forests are separate universes beyond imagination. 

Hiking through the Balkan mountains will leave you forever in love with this place. 

Routes and places to visit for every level of physical condition, regardless of you are a beginner or an experienced advanced hiker.

Most of the countries have well-developed mountain tourism since outdoor activities and sports are of high importance to the Balkan people. 

This is why we have so many mountain huts, guest houses, hotels, motels and camping places. 

On the negative side, not all of them will be in excellent condition but hey, what’s bad about a bit of rustic touch and spending a few nights without electricity? 

Now that your virtual journey’s done, choose your fav spots for your next visit as we share ours with you: 

  • The Katuns in Montenegro, because of their uniqueness. 
  • The Triglav Hut in Slovenia, because of the Julian Alps.
  • The Musala Hut because of Musala – the highest peak in the Balkans.
  • The Previja Hut in Bosnia and Herzegovina because they try to be ecological.
  • The Karadzica Mountain Hut because it’s in the most wonderful mountain in Macedonia and one of the most equipped huts in this amazing location. 

It was our pleasure to be your guide on this trip, much love from the beautiful Balkan!

If you’re looking for more Balkan nature guides:

 If you’re not looking for the above, what are you looking for?


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